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Smoked Turkeys & Hams!

//Smoked Turkeys & Hams!

It’s time to start thinking about your Holiday Feast!

We are bringing back two delicious options to feature on your dinner table this year!

Smoked Turkey: Moist & tender, hot & ready to carve!

Dry rubbed with a sweet and savory seasoning then slow smoked until it is just right!

Smoked Ham: Lean, whole-muscle ham that is perfect for carving into thick steaks or sliced thin

for delicious sandwiches! Encased in a sweet & savory Pineapple Glaze, served hot and ready to carve!
Place your order today by calling 419-893-2293. These will be available all season long! However, as a favor to you, they’re available with pre-order on the day of Thanksgiving, Christmas, & Easter! Call for more info!


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